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WAPPER is a desktop application (Windows, Mac & Linux) developed using Qt framework. It makes use of WhatsApp Web platform to allow sending WhatsApp messages in bulk i.e., unlimited messages to unlimited contacts. WAPPER also include a keygen i.e., a license key generator so you can even sell WAPPER to your customers and restrict usage on per-system basis. Full source code for both, the sender software and the license key generator are included with the download.

Note: Pre-built binaries are only included for Windows. To use WAPPER on Mac or Linux, you will need to compile WAPPER yourself from source by following the instruction included in the README file inside source folders.



  1. Send Unlimited Text Messages
  2. To Unlimited Numbers/Recipients
  3. No External Browser Dependency
  4. Runs on Windows, Mac or Linux
  5. Per-System Licensing System Included
  6. Full Source Code (Sender + Keygen)

Licensing Instructions:

  1. Run wapper.exe from the wapper-dist folder.
  2. Copy the shown Hardware ID.
  3. Run wapper-keygen.exe from wapper-dist folder.
  4. Paste the Hardware ID in the respective field.
  5. Enter an expiry date in future in the expiry field.
  6. Click on Generate and copy the generated license key.
  7. Go back to WAPPER (main application), paste the license key and click Apply.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Run wapper.exe from the wapper-dist folder.
  2. Click on Load Contacts icon (top-right) to import a .csv or .txt file with numbers.
  3. Make sure the file contains numbers in international format e.g., 919876543210 (1 number each line).
  4. Type your message in the central box and click on Send button at bottom-right.
  5. Scan QR code from your phone’s WhatsApp and sit back, relax while your messages are being sent.

In case you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact me via CodeCanyon comments section. I will be more than happy to help you out.



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