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ColorPicker.Pro is a collection of different color pickers created on a single engine. Each color picker is a separate javascript and the css file and you can use the one you need in your application.

Key Features

HSL/RGB support

ColorPicker.Pro allows choosing a color by modifying HSL or RGB values. You also see actual HSL/RGB indexes while choosing a color in the palette.

Custom Colors

ColorPicker.Pro allows the user to add colors to a custom colors palette.

Attaching to Input

ColorPicker.Pro can easily be attached to an existing input control (by adding one attribute to the input tag). The control then gets a small square box with the chosen color as background.

Other Features

  • Customizable CSS-based UI
  • Lightweight, at around 30KB minified (or ~7KB minified + gzipped)
  • Convert colors between HEX, RGB , HSL and Named Colors
  • Zero dependencies (not even jQuery)
  • Supports IE11+, Safari, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera, Firefox

Change Log

24 aug, 2018

  • Optimized gradient and fixed color detection logic

23 aug, 2018

  • Small bug fix



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