Cracking Furnace Operation

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Image Result For Cracking Furnace Operation

Image Result For Cracking Furnace Operation

The initial process is cracking, which means that the feedstock is heated to the point that the energy transfer from heat is enough to “crack” the molecules into several smaller molecules. The feedstock is diverted to multiple furnaces and then further divided between multiple passes before entering the furnace..In the operation of the cracking furnace, the key control parameters or variables are the coil outlet temperature COT , the steamto naphtha ratio, and the outlet .Abstract. To avoid the secondary reactions in steam cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks, which lead to undesirable products such as coke, the high temperature gas leaving from the cracking furnace need be rapidly quenched in Transfer Line Exchanger TLE ..Cracking furnace technology Linde Engineering furnaces deliver outstanding selectivity, capacity and energy efficiency. In cracking furnaces raw materials are converted such as ethane, liquefied petroleum gas LPG , naphtha, atmospheric gas oil AGO and hydrocracker residue into ethylene and valuable by products..





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